Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) Treatment With Chompers Family Dental

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Carious lesions or small dental cavities may seem like trivial problems, but if they aren’t addressed on time, they can lead to tooth decay, sensitivity, pain, and bad breath. The solution to these dental problems is usually a root-canal procedure or an extraction. However, if you are regular with your dental checkups, carious lesions can be identified quickly and reversed with a silver diamine fluoride (SDF) treatment.

Understanding SDF and how does it work

The ideal way to treat tooth decay is to remove decay and replace the damaged portion. Silver Diamine Fluoride, on the other hand, is a simple solution used to arrest the erosion of your enamel. It works quicker, is inexpensive, and ideal for children with baby teeth. This treatment is also non-invasive, which means no drilling and scraping is required. Not to mention, it is beneficial for adult teeth too!

SDF is an antibacterial liquid substance that’s FDA approved. It is usually clinically applied to stop active dental caries from progressing and damaging the teeth. The medicament is applied topically (that is, directly to the affected area like predecessor fluoride varnish, an alternate to SDF). The silver in the SDF solution is an antimicrobial agent that also strengthens the underlying protective layer of your teeth (dentin). The fluoride acts as the active ingredient that arrests tooth decay and helps prevent it from spreading.

Before applying the treatment, the dentist will prepare the teeth by brushing them (without toothpaste), rinsing, and drying them then removing any debris or plaque. Next, the SDF is applied to the affected teeth with a micro brush and left to dry.

The whole process takes around two minutes, but you are advised to wait at least three hours before eating or drinking anything. To ensure the success of the procedure, you will need to get three consecutive applications and assessments. At home, you’ll also need to practice regular oral hygiene and maintain a healthy, nutritious diet.

The advantages of SDF treatments

1. It is an effective fluoride treatment for kids.

2. It is non-invasive and painless.

3. It relieves tooth sensitivity.

4. It effectively stops tooth decay.

The disadvantages of SDF treatments

1. It stains the teeth.

2. It leaves a bitter after-taste

3. If the decay doesn’t stop, further silver diamine fluoride application, dental fillings, a root canal, or extraction may be required.

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