Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are at south end of Richmond in Steveston . Our address is: Unit 108, 6033 London Rd., Richmond, BC V7E 0A7 (view map for directions). Located at the corner of London and No.2 road, when you come to the stop sign, you will see our signs with the friendly Chompers Dragon.

Are you accepting new patients?

New patients are always welcome. We value referrals.

Do you accept emergency patients, or out-of-town, out-of-area patients?

Accidents are often times unavoidable hence the name “accident” and often at the most inconvenient or unexpected time. We will make allowances to get you in and make you sure your concerns are addressed and taken care off promptly.

Do you have experience in anxiety or other emotions towards receiving dental care?

Our goal is to provide the best dental care possible, and to also encourage you to become proactive with the care and health of your mouth. We will strive to not only help you get past the fear stage, and but also work on actively wanting to improve your oral health. We want every patient to put their best smile forward. Together we can overcome problems that had prevented you from receiving proper dental care. So call us and let’s get started towards great oral health and beautiful smile.

I just want to be knocked out for dental work because I am just very scared. Do you offer sedation?

Yes, we administer conscious oral sedatives. You will be drowsy, anxiety-free, and might even fall asleep which is an ultimate compliment to us.

Do you replace mercury fillings with white fillings?

This is an area of debate amongst even dentists. Fillings that contain mercury have been banned in many countries in the world, and Health Canada has issued warnings in limiting the number of mercury fillings in children and pregnant women. As a general rule we don’t always just remove silver fillings because they are old and ugly. We only recommend replacement to white if there are signs of leakage, fracture, recurrent decay, or marginal cracks. Our office does mercury fillings only when requested by patients and in situations were deemed necessary.

I had braces when I was young, but now my teeth are crooked again. Do I need to have braces put back in again to have straight teeth?

Most cases of relapse can be treated with Invisalign®. We are certified in this system to address spacing, crowding and a myriad of concerns. The product is easy to wear and as the name suggests almost invisible. You will be surprised how easy and affordable it can be.

Why is it so expensive to have my teeth restored to a healthy condition?

Delaying addressing your tooth decay and gum disease, will cause greater problems further down the line, the more that it is delayed, more time and money will have to be invested in recovering your oral health. So call us now and book an appointment. You want to keep your teeth and gums in good shape so that they will last you a life time and just like your car, which requires checkups and maintenance. If you get all your concerns addressed in the initial phase, you then just need maintenance of a dental checkup approx. every 6 months with brushing and flossing properly in between.

I have dental insurance. So I never have to pay, right?

There are a wide range of insurance coverages. Depending on your policy issuer and coverage, your portion will vary. The best way to find out is to give your insurance provider a call and make sure your policy is active and benefits properly explained. As an added service to our patients, our office can help you verify insurance coverage and accept assignment of payment if permitted by the plan. Ultimately your insurance policy is a personal contract between you and the provider by accepting assignment of insurance we do not accept shortfalls or limitations of your plan.

Please Note: We are in not responsible for the accuracy of your insurance details.

I had a tooth pulled. I don’t miss it and I don’t mind the look. So I don’t need to have it replaced, right?

Before a tooth is removed, a patient is informed of the consequences. And the options of restoring the space and potential consequences of not replacing the tooth are fully discussed with the patient on an individual case basis. If a tooth has been missing for a long period neighboring teeth can be misaligned or shifted. Replacing a missing tooth can be challenging and expensive but is eventually rewarding to preserve the health of remaining teeth and long term function.

Can I get my teeth whitened? Can I get my front teeth capped?

There are many ways we can improve your smile and make it shine. To find out what’s best suited for you is to come in for a comprehensive consultation and ask all the questions that you have. Our team will develop a customized treatment plan that will address your needs.

What is the whitening process doing to my teeth?

Bleaching or whitening teeth is basically an oxidation process which lifts the stains from teeth by penetrating the enamel and dentin.

I have heard horror stories about root canals. Is there any validity to those stories?

Root canal (endodontic treatment) procedure only hurts when the dentist can’t freeze you properly due to abscess formation inside your bone. Area of inflammation and “pus” in our body are acidic (lower in pH), which will neutralize local anaesthetic solution. The tooth will be harder to “freeze” when it’s inflamed and abscessed. Another reason not to wait until it hurts before you decide to visit the dentist.

Do you treat children?

Children are a highlight of our day. Our staff is extremely comfortable in handling children of all ages.

What happens when my child visits the dentist for the first time?

Depending on the child’s age, our team’s approach is catered to each child’s personality and stage of development. For example, we may examine a child sitting on his/her parent’s lap; while those able to sit on their own can even get their teeth counted and “brushed”! Our team will go over oral hygiene, diet, and habits with the parent. Remember, prevention is the key to a happy patient.

My child is having a filling done. How can I help prepare him?

You know your child best and it is always helpful when parents engage in their children’s health care. However, do not share your experiences with them, it is best not to use words like needles etc... We are confident in our ability to make this as pleasant an experience so avoid words like that. Leave it to us. Just say, “Let’s catch those sugar bugs tomorrow.” Tell them it’s so wonderful that they are doing something to help their teeth get healthy and happy.

If I am pregnant, do I need to see a dentist?

Pregnancy can pre-dispose women to gum disease. It is very important to keep up with your flossing and brushing but also to still visit your dentist while expecting. Poor dental health in the mother can predispose the child to low preterm birthweight and transmission of bacteria post partem. If you want to give your child a good start it is best to maintain your own dental health. Pregnancies can vary and we do our best to cater to your individual needs.

Is it true I will lose a tooth for every child that I have?

Pregnancy take a toll on mom in terms of hormonal fluctuations, lack of sleep, nausea etc.. making it very important to support the body’s function so that it can recuperate and heal during and after.